About Us

Minnis & Samson opened its metal fabrication and polishing factory in Brisbane in 1914. In the early days, the company primarily worked in brass and silver, manufacturing specialised pieces for churches and public buildings.

The business survived two World Wars diversifying into chromeplating and general fabrication during this time. In the fifties, with the economy rapidly on the move, Minnis & Samson started to manufacture kitchen dining settings and many of the classic style retro settings now popular in vintage circles were manufactured by Minnis & Samson.

The company continued to build metal furniture up until the early nineties combining this with its general fabrication and metal polishing. Chrome plating was ceased in the mid nineties as imported furniture brought changing trends in design and style which quickly established a strong foothold in the furniture marketplace.

The emergence of stainless steel as a viable fabrication material introduced a new element of production and manufacture to close the gap left by the slow in demand for locally made steel furniture.

Minnis & Samson continues to make furniture components for many of today’s leading furniture sellers and for the first time in over twenty years we present, to celebrate our centenary, a new range of stylish, robust and affordable furniture totally Australian made for both indoor and outdoor applications.

All of our furniture carries a five year frame warranty.